Honour Roll

Laurie Lee

2022 Hot ToT


Awarded to Laurie Lee

Our 2022 Sweet Adeline of the Year is Laurie. Throughout her years in the chorus, Laurie has always been there to help wherever is needed, both in the Bass section and the chorus as a whole. She is a constant help to those background jobs most don't see and recognize. With amazing attendance she makes sure to also go to every performance she can, and even gives all the members a little gift each contest season. 

MJ Timpano

2021 Hot ToT


Awarded to MJ Timpano

Our 2021 Sweet Adeline of the Year is Mary Jane. Mary Jane is a fabulous part of our Baritone section. She rarely misses a rehearsal and serves a "key" role as one of our pitch pipe blowers.  Additionally, Mary Jane's many behind-the-scenes contributions include making all rehearsal facilities arrangements and managing set up and tear down of equipment and risers every week.   Congratulations, Mary Jane, Hot TOT/Sweet Adeline of the Year!

Claudia Meiling

2017 Hot ToT


Awarded to Claudia Meiling

2017 Hot ToT (Sweet Adeline of the Year) - Claudia Meiling

2016 Hot ToT


Awarded to

2016 Hot ToT (Sweet Adeline of the Year) - Audra Nite

Criteria for Hot ToT!

  • Member in good standing
  • Regular Attendance
  • Contributes above and beyond for the betterment of the chorus
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