Honour Roll

MJ Timpano

2021 Hot ToT


Awarded to MJ Timpano

 Our 2021 Sweet Adeline of the Year is Mary Jane. Mary Jane is a fabulous part of our Baritone section. She rarely misses a rehearsal and serves a "key" role as one of our pitch pipe blowers.  Additionally, Mary Jane's many behind-the-scenes contributions include making all rehearsal facilities arrangements and managing set up and tear down of equipment and risers every week.   Congratulations, Mary Jane, Hot TOT/Sweet Adeline of the Year!

Claudia Meiling

2017 Hot ToT


Awarded to Claudia Meiling

2017 Hot ToT (Sweet Adeline of the Year) - Claudia Meiling

2016 Hot ToT


Awarded to

2016 Hot ToT (Sweet Adeline of the Year) - Audra Nite

Criteria for Hot ToT!

  • Member in good standing
  • Regular Attendance
  • Contributes above and beyond for the betterment of the chorus
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